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Lyrics to Livin' For Livin'
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Living for living

Anyway I can
Livin for livin
I've got to understand

I let it roll and play
Sun always shining
We never had to pay

All the pieces of me are fallin down
When you are not around
So keep me closer
And make me proud

You go
I'll stay
I'm done
Let me lay
And get some sleep
Stay awake
All the things we never say

I'm livin for livin

Some thrill
Not only joy and laughs
You change the future
Same way you did in the past

Some things
They told me how they would be
Some days I keep walkin
Some days I'm down on my knees

Oh babe I can't deny it, it's not enough
We had good times, good times

And maybe there, I don't know where and how
We'll have some good times, good times

(Thanks to Rafael for these lyrics)
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