Live Strippers In Action Lyrics

Forgotten Rebels

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Lyrics to Live Strippers In Action
Live Strippers In Action Video:
Are you a pillar of the community?
What do you think about when you look
and see that pretty girl dancing on the tables, wavin' her cunt in your face?
Its out of the office and into your car.
Into your discreet clothes and into the bar.
And your wife and kids dont know what you're doing tonight.
What you're looking for is extra sexual passion.
What you need is live strippers in action.
You can't get a hard-on to save your life,
and I don't really blame you' when I look at your wife.
Until think about the same old girl again.
Do you dream about her when you're fucking your wife?
Do you dream about her when you're sleeping at night?
Then hop right in your car, looking for that same old girl again.
Hanging around your local strip bar.
You get that pretty back in your car.
For a hundred dollar bill, man she'll fuck anything.
Drooling like a lecher in desperate need.
At the front of the line, taking a seat.
Looking for that same old girl again.
Idiot smut mag making you sing.
Or rubbing your prick on a chicken wing.
Look up close man and you can see and smell everything
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