Lyrics to Live Me Long
Live Me Long Video:
All I follow is the Jones as I reminisce
Reminisce take chance as I remember this
I was fifteen, anti fiend
Never thought I'd make it to music as a dream
All I had was Kevin and my momma Jackie
The pen and pad, and I have a papi
Taught up from the world, that you gots to be hard
Shit, New Orleans is the city, I remember fightin over wars
See, long before you give me the charge I beat my cause
I'm a nigga no more or less surrounded by flaws
I'm all yours but understand my future thoughts a few
My days could be navy blue, and I'm a believe in you
See I'm TRU, because my niggas keep me goin as well
Droppin tears cause I'm the only one alive to tell
And if I'm goin to hell, at least my life is enriched
By keepin family beside me, and they accepted me as click

And I'm a soldier in the world live me long
Cause I a got my hustle on and I done done wrong
No one understands me, neither do my family
That's why I believe in you, to see my ass through, my god [x2]

I entertains my brain with a cloud of smoke
My brother been gone for five years, and this is how I cope
I hope, wishing and praying that myself be next
My girl die straight innocent but because of a ex
Got me vex drinkin, totin my gun under the moon
And no matter how many bullets, bring her back no time soon
I'm tired of departing with killing, all of my dogs bleedin
Bodies every other day, on Washington and ?????
Oh lord, I'm even scary to open obituaries
Gettin mail from cemetaries stating that I'm buried
Pain varies, to tell the truth it all hurts the same
If I don't to see some rain, cause life is a strange pain
Bullets don't carry names, but me, it's like short
Now here on life support, from not the right support
I hold your quote like the killer, but lose a G
A small fee for what that nigga did to a family

[Chorus x2]

Shit, I'm a reminisce like this while I'm in a good state of mind
Now I'll never low, truly knows in no greater time
Down line, I've a lost some of my best partners
Bullets pop us got em cause the rhyme, was it the coppers
Now who is to blame, the hunted or the hunter
Cope on his mind, much as I can and wonder
Was my prayers to god injected or neglected
Question the man if I can or respect it
Serious, if just by my minutes, if us gone as begginers
Split em, we piss on the ground, screamin bury me with em
My lord, you never suffer newborn, I'll guard your daughter
Killing in my city like there's something in the water
Why bother? Because Fiend's strandin heads then I'm gone
And a soldier gonna survive till it's time to go home
Now notice I'm a survivor
My feelings go out to the families of G Slim, and Miss Michelle Tyler

[Chorus x4]
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