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There are things I should have never opened up my mouth and said, now I Can't live it down. There are times I should have turned the other cheek and turned my head, now I can't live it dowhown. And though your shoes may never follow down the same road that I tread, at least they're on the ground, and so forgive me if a small dose of the anger I express may have knocked you from your cloud But I'm not a liar. I'm always fishin', justa fishin' for some truth to all this mess, hut It can't be found Instead of wishin', justa wishin' for all the very best, this time around And from a rooftop on some building after all your fog has lifted you may well go look around, but if what you're searchin' for is another chance at all the things we missed then you better live it down. 'Cause I'm not a liar.

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