Lyrics to Live and Let Love
Live and Let Love Video:
I busted homes
I gave up everything I own
To come in here
Now ain't it clear
I'm true
Baby you've changed
But ain't I just the same
As the little girl
Who's gonna give her world to you
Don't break my heart again

I'm closing this door
Kiss me
Kiss me once more
You're the one who taught me how to do it

Love and let love be our desire
Live and let life be our fire
Stand by yourself and I'll stand by you
Live and let life be our truth

These walls are high
But I was born to climb
I've got a monkey mind
And I will always find the groove
I trust your rhythm so
Do what you feel
Kiss me
Kiss me for real
Oh darling, I'm the one who'll show you now to do it


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