Lyrics to Little White Lies
Little White Lies Video:
[Extra Kool:]
Ladies and gentlemen, I'll taint your life
Like heroin, save my cry's and live again,
We are all just medicine, the head still
Spills, we blow like leaves, the world is
Dead we said in screams, all is gone no
In between, love is fake reality gleams,
All aboard this angry tour, why's my face
So insecure, I've been locked behind closed
Doors, hugs for hate is the metaphor, hang
My head and watch me bleed, pull the punch
On beauty queens, a broken heart's no need
For speed, she is just a fucking thief,
Let's wash my hands then play for keeps,
Pray for lose, and eat disease, loose the
Earth beneath my feet, we are just a flock
Of sheep, I am not a happy boy, with open
Arms, it's for the poor, a silent mouth feds
Canker sores, I still lust, I thank the Lord,
Why be cozy with my friends, lazy hearts they
Sever limbs, I'm still draped in several sins,
A wishful tongue's no accident, this is why
We die at home, a glimpse of sleep we love
The holes, a shattered man's a helpless soul,
I'll be forced to die alone,
Boy's and girls now life is senseless, life
And death we hop all fences, pain is God no
Second guesses, these are all my favorite
Questions, bat your eyes and bit your lips,
Expect no love and give no kiss, receive your
Wings and throw your fists, we are all just
Hypocrites, I am lust, say my name, I am
Lost, who's to blame, she is love, I swallow
Shame, she is life, I feel no pain, we are
Death, I spill my grief, we are done, I show
My teeth, it is cold, I'm incomplete, it is
Dark, I end my speech...

[Hook: x2]
A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go
Down, but the world is full of shit, crack
A smile feeling proud, forever young, shoot
The breeze, taste the chocolate coated hype,
The Optik kids will never cry over little
White lies...

A show of hands kids, how many want to be the
President, how many want to be the next Thomas
Edison, how many want to be the next billionaire
With a chauffeur and Butler to polish your
Silverware, I see well how many of you would like
To be celebrities, an athlete, a head coach,
Punching out the referee, a big movie star out
Sailing the seven seas, with your face on every
Tabloid and magazine press release, another
Show of hands, how many want to sell fast food,
How many want to clean the toilets in the bathroom,
How many want to hold a sign on the interstate,
How many want to scrub coffee cups and dinner
Plates, how many want a boss man to run there
Life, funny how the hands have fallen from the
Sky, some day kiddies, you'll stop and wonder
Why, life builds you up just to server you
Humble pie, I say this kids, so you won't be
Astonished, when you find there's more men on
Death row then in congress, it's up to you
Kiddies, to stand up and deliver, so you don't
Live like me in a fan by the river...

[Hook x2]
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