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Lyrics to Little White Doves
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little white dove

whats the news your bringing?

you're bangin on my keys,

you're the one singin

i'm so in love

you dont fight fair

you can draw blood

you can pull hair

little white dove

when i'm sleepin

when im awake

you're the one im keepin

little white dove

what's the implication?

alone you sleep

is that my confirmation?

mama's be cool when she's runnin round

daddies be cool when he's deep

and babies be cool tucked away in their beds asleep

and if i built a boat

sailed away to sea

you'd be standin here

right in front of me

(layer 2)

of my impression

its gonna give me some competition

(layer 3)

(you fly) faster or longer

i hope you dont get much stronger

little white dove
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