Little Victories Lyrics

Chris Knight

Little Victories

Lyrics to Little Victories
Little Victories Video:
Got the Honda 125 running ,
Took the back road to the store
It's about 35 degrees but it sure feels good,
Not to be walking anymore

Got some milk bread and bologna,
Little debbies and some mountain dew
Sometime when I ain't got the groceries gonna see what this thing will do

Little victories, there alright with me
Some days that's all I need

Got a old f-250 four by four, its needing a new rear end
I sold some hides and I sold some wood saving up to get it going again
I can start hauling this timber, I can sell it down at the mine
I reckon they'll bring in a pretty good piece things are looking better all the time

I heard the countries going through hard times, but I aint feeling it none
We're all trying to make it through one more day when its all said and done
I got a deer and a half in the freezer, I got wheels and plenty of wood
I know I aint setting the world on fire but I think I got it pretty good

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