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I'm hanging at the circle k and I'm watching all the hip kids Tripping on the car wash and flipping me off today "Hey man don't you want to see something new today?" Hey wait now... As for money ten's for show Add a twenty she might go down 'cause it keeps her in cool clothes She hates to sleep alone So she promises she could do something new just for me Hey wait now What's this I'm feeling What's this, this new, inconvenience Always I'm in, a little deeper I should know better But I never really listen to me Well I suppose that's just the way it goes And it's over now but I found out Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you wish it did So leave me alone Cause I can't take this anymore Hey wait now I know I never really listen to me I know I never really listen to me What's this I'm feeling

Songwriters: Milsap, Walter Worth / Haynes, Channelle / Nelson, Candice / Griffen, Chris / Helaire, Angel / Anderson, Adrian / Van Sciver, Lamar / Jones, Tony / Greenfield, F / Farifh, R
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