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Lyrics to Liquid Paper
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Of all the million words that I could write you,
they'll never fit the feeling in my head
intoxicating is how I describe you
on paper, where it's plain for all to see
imaginary words I hope to reach you
a stupid valentine for you to read
but here you stand in front of me
reach out to touch me, can't you see my heart?
heaven only knows how I could say this
the suffocating spell you put on me
I drink a drink of you, it leaves me senseless
you drown me in your smile, I cannot breathe
you're not another love ideal
you're real, I see you, I can feel your heart
never thought I'd sing you this in person
never thought you'd hear the things I write
imagine if these things I say inspire you
to do the things I think of late at night
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