Lyrics to Lines
Lines Video:
Talking about family
Talking about trees
Driving through the tracks and cones
Brings a bitter boy to his knees

Wrap him up in coattails
Water soaked in pine
Each time we come back around
He's wandering off and cluttering minds

Weld it up
Taking the long talk home
and my arms start grating
my mind is shaken
We walk it off
Taking the long talk home
my legs start grating
My mind is shaking it off

Golden silence courted
Bread and cheese with wine
We've won it and We'll horde it
This silence in our lines
Wake me up and roll me out
Before I get to running up twice

Talking over family
Talking over trees
We'll talk about the bad blood
Let's talk about the thieves
Don't wake me because I'm nervous
And I've been falling down
Don't take her for a goddess
That's not how goddess sounds
We'll make them all return it
When the time is right
And call them to the borders
cause the war has come
I've been sunken from long ago
Your head is right and your body knows
you're over faith and you're over time
You're over fate and you're over lines
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