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Write about heat and then tell Icarus
He got too close
Sucked in the engine of holy ignorance
How could he know?
No such excuse for those who come after him
- Carbon alloy

I've heard say:
"The printed word and the paper it's printed on
- Not worth anythin'. In the time that it takes
To write about doing it, it could be done."
I say 'no' in the oldest formula:
"Fuck this, and fuck you"
If it's good enough for Geoffrey Chaucer
It's OK by me too.

Latent energy in lines of lettering
- One dot a full stop
Swing on a phrase for fresh mobility:
"Mud chokes no eels"
The past and the present, the cheque and the counterfoil
Fill in/tear off
Prop up a point with some lines from the library...
This week's maxim:
"In for a penny, in for a pound" - Information
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