Lyrics to Line Of Fire
Line Of Fire Video:
Line of Firethrough the fields of miseryyour head falls into mudbroken bodies fill your wayyou feel the sand so hotcrawling scorpions beside your sweating faceyou can?t see anythingdon?t think what will be tomorrowdon?t think what the future bringsthe war is your believeyour rage is gettin? highertake your final breathinto the lnie of fireassaulting enemies is your commandexplosions in the skydevastation in the desertnever ending criesair raids across the landfills your brain with fearwar and hunger everywherethe end is getting nearthe war is.....god of wrath watching you from abovelaughing at your painsleepless nights in the gutterdriving you insanea faithful soldier without fearfights to the bitter enda fallen hero just remainsdying young for the motherlandthe war is.....into the line of fire 3x

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