Lyrics to Lil' Lolita
Lil' Lolita Video:
I was just walkin' down the street
I wasn't out there lookin' for love
But she had the most beautiful smile
An angel who fell from above

She had the deepest, bluest eyes
When she was made they broke the mold
But there's only one problem
She's only seven years old

I brought her flowers everyday
On the playground during lunch
All her friends thought I was weird
And her parents had a hunch

They thought something was wrong with me
No one thought that it was alright
But that's only because
She's seven and I'm thirty-five

They call me a pedophile, but it doesn't bother me
Because I will always know that this love was meant to be

Eventually the cops were called
They were informed about my ways
But I never tried to kiss her
Or even touch her in that way

Her parents were so glad
To know that I'd be gone
I took one last look at her
And then I felt the cuffs go on
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