Lyrics to Lil B.I.G.
I rock with Lil' Bibby but Lil' Pump is a lil' chump
Body Lil' Yachty then give him some lil' lumps
Probably just 'cause I'm older and got me a lil' grump
'Cause when the kids get in the Rover, Lil' Yachty gettin' some bumps
Lil' Durk putting in work, but fuck his lil' purp
I stepped to his face and slapped that shit out his lil' smirk
Lil' Boosie told Lil' Uzi take off that lil' skirt
Son was still chillin', his feelings just got a lil' hurt
Lil' Xan keep a lil' gram in his lil' hand
That kid be high as that Dipset bird
Word to Killer Cam
Lil' Fizz fizzled out, he was hot for a lil' bit
Me and Lil' Fame had a lil' beef over lil' shit
Hovie told me you can do a lot with a lil' bit
Independent, I can make a knot off a lil' hit
All it take is a lot of hustle, a lil' muscle
Shit ain't rocket science like solving a lil' puzzle
It's funny how Lil' Weezy be stunting like his daddy
And Lil' Eazy is nothing like his daddy, this makes me unhappy
When it come to Lil' Dicky, shit get a lil' tricky
Not that he mad ill, but he kinda a lil' sicky
And it's a lil' fowl when they say "Lil' mama's
Really Lil' Bow in a wig with a lil' style" that's wild
Saigon is a basket case
Niggas say I'm pussy
I dare you to come ask for a taste
If I was pussy, I'd be worse than having AIDS
Nigga been sick so long, I'd have already passed away
Now you catch me out in lil' Haiti with Lil' Baby
Wa-wa-wa, bitches think I'm a lil' crazy
When pockets look a lil' slim I get a lil' shady
Then go and grab that big mag and that lil' .380
And Lil' Nas X does not got next
'Cause we ain't from the Old Town Road, we out the projects
I'm just playing with y'all lil' niggas, man
We big boys nigga, we go big
The bigger he come, the bigger the impact of the fall
I don't eat McDonalds but I keep this Big Mac in my drawer
I was taught to go big with my back against the wall
Free my nigga BG and Big Black down there in New Or' (New Orleans)
Biggie Rhyme told me how to aim for big things
Big chains, big rings, shit everything big sing
Bigger, big B.S.F. Benny cause that's a friend of me
They big in the plug like Big Demetrius Flenory
Time is money, you looking nothing like Big Ben to me
Even when the small talk, giddy, bring big energy
My gat'll bang yet I'm still repping that good daddy gang
Slang off of my aura is rawer than Big Daddy Kane
Big bottles of Ace, Cristal, was tryna front on us
Now we pour Cris'/Chris in Rivers like the son of Big Punisher
I used to like Big Mike
But not nearly as much as Big Syke
They both was gansta, but consciousness get the kid hyped
Was on a big ledge, Big Lizzo, the lady divas
Rest in peace to Big Al and Big Baby Jesus
Back to the big chicks
That coochie got big lips?
Big booty, big tits
I'll give you some big dick
Shout out to Big Krit, Big Tymer$ and Big Sean
I thought Ass was trash, but it was a big song
This not a diss, I'm keepin' it a bone with it, nigga
We thought 9/11 was big, shit Corona was bigger
We thought Kobe dying was big, shit Corona was bigger
We thought Corona was big, but shit Saigon picking up the microphone again
No lie, it's like a tie (It might be like a tie)
I'm the fucking God
Lil' Big Head, we different