Lyrics to Like Treason
Like Treason Video:
I almost drifted away, you kept me safe in place, but I doubt you ever knew since all you said was I changed. I'm shouting at ocean waves and telling them to keep their place, because if I lose the water I might just lose everything. I swear I felt your hands pin my wrists down, but maybe I was only dreaming in reverse. I slur on every word, so you play me slowly. This can't be right for me, so I guess I'll leave. You always found a way to put a smile on my face, but your eyes treat me like treason. You say it's because the way I don't look before I leap that I'm always three feet underneath the steps I would have killed for and the stairs I tried to reach. Secrets never mind some company, you never know when they're ready to slightly slip out of your head and when you trip during the fall, they'll learn to run before you crawl and make you look so desperate.

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