Lyrics to Like Roses
Like Roses Video:
Please don't make me answer youThe world is big but my circles are smallAnd please don't try to shut me outI'm in love that's allI'm not afraid to listen, if you're not afraid to hearAnd please don't laugh I just can't help,Grinning when I'm giving it allAnd please don't show you're face around my placeI've seen it all beforeAnd I'm not afraid of dying, but sometimes I refrain,I believe that life goes on like a hurricaneAnd you struggle through the pieces till you're not so saneAnymoreAnd so you want and you suffer till you've had enoughand in the end there?s a heaven in the cold clear bluff, only want(chorus)To come through like rosesTo head fast lkie a clear stream, to feel soft like a freight train,In the middle of a bad dreamAll you wanted was to be proud,Like a rough littleSoldier,There?s a place where the soul endsComes through like roses,Comes through like rosesLooking down I see my cigarette is even,With the horizon that my feet have made in the blanket,Looking back I lost the fight it was uneven,You never gave me time enough to say I was wrongOr I was sorry,I can see your head's still spinning like a merry-go-roundAnd you're glaring at the people like you've been shut downQuarter time,It's a war gonna win no matter what it takes,And you can feel every second of the cold heartacheComing down(chorus)(solo)(chorus)(fade)

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