Lyrics to Like Me
Like Me Video:
She's leaning on the mailboxIn someone else?s drivewayAnd she laughs to herself cause she knowsThat she's still hereShew on't wait foreverGod knows that she wants toAnd you know that if it comes downIt's gonna be warThis ain't how we're supposed to beAnd nothing changes between you and me, at all(chorus)Ain't it just like a loserAin't it just like this chip on my sleeveAin't it like meIt's raining down in LongwoodShe heard it on the radioAnd she laughs to herself cause she knowsThat she's not thereWell some say I'm crazySome say I take this shit too hard,But you know and I know it's gonna be warShe ain't how she's supposed to beNothing changes between her and me, at all(chorus)I know the distance between us is greater and strongerStronger than I plan to beAin't it like me

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