Lyrics to Like Dat
Like Dat Video:
How come you always trippin I see you like that, the way I call your name When I tell you shit is real you know it ain't a game No pretending, always breakin up and mending We gon' kill each other before this shit we got is ending Yea you like that, when I pull up on them dubs And everytime playas see me all I get is love Hugs and kisses from all my little bitches They give you much respect cause they know you the misses Yea you like that, in the mall spending chips Nothin but Gucci and Donna Karen on your hips Smile on your lips while I'm kissin on your titty nips Watch the sunrise, smoke a blunt and take a skinny dip At first I be's with you Started pleasin you Whole world you never knew You'd ever see LIKE DAT Your personality And sexuality Will keep you right next to me For eternity LIKE DAT Yea you like that, a real nigga on your team No schemes, and it ain't all about a niggas cream Where dreams and all kinds of freaky little things Always in public trying to make a big scene You you like that, think you hard as a statue Keep running your mouth until you make a nigga snatch you Look at you, how a nigga like me attract you Mack you, then attack the gat too Yea you like that, give it to me anywhere Five skully in the movie theater pullin on your hair I'm aware, your girls say I'm nothing but a dog They mad cause I give you all that shit you say you want I know you like that, and thats the way its gon' be Haters bumpin always got to say some fly shit see Shorty down we don't worry bout he say drama I'm gon' be your big poppa and you gon' be my lil' momma (Girl talking Spanish) (Chorus) I know you like that flippin through the city at night Lightin 'dro gettin tight tropical on ice Who the realest in your life I know the answer to that The same nigga spittin this and as a matter of fact Remember back when we first met, incredible sex Sometimes edible sex and unforgettable sex Ice on your finger, not for marriage or nothing You the shit when it come to pushin all my buttons Yea you like that, time out take a trip Fuck a reservation grab your coat and just dip No alarm clock, sleeping all afternoon Shrimps and steak without leaving the room I know you like that even when your ass get mad Forehead wrinklin', thinkin' you could beat my ass Baby girl, slow your role, just let it go And we ain't got to talk about that shit no more (Girl talking Spanish) (Chorus) LIKE DAT LIKE DAT LIKE DAT LIKE DAT LIKE DAT LIKE DAT LIKE DAT

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