Like Chano Interlude Lyrics



Lyrics to Like Chano Interlude
I wanna be Happy
Like Chano
I wanna get far
Hoping the keys on Piano
Are the Keys to her heart

Warm heart
In a world so cold
The Only Queen in my deck
So I got to fold
I wanna love her
Till both get old
Please stay in touch

Couple years
Till we moved apart
She kept the key
To the lock in my heart
Can't Open up
I don't know where to start
So I stay in touch

She said
Oh no
You misconstrued my flow
I don't want love no mo'
Lets take it slow

But life's short
You know
I can't wait here no mo'
Let's just see how this goes

The only time I really smile
Is when stays for a while

I wanna get far
Hoping the key on piano
Are the keys to her heart
Wanna be happy like Chano
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