Like a Mountain Lyrics

Peter Mayer

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Lyrics to Like a Mountain
Like a Mountain Video:
Driving near Mount Shavano
It seemed to be looking me over
Feeling that gaze down below
I pulled the car off on the shoulder

Staring at the rock and the sky
My heart began beating more slowly
Till I lost track of time
And forgot where it was I was going

CHORUS: Suddenly, I saw life from the brink
I watched an age pass me by like a wink
For just one heartbeat, I believe I could think
Like a mountain

Mountain, we measure our lives
By tens and by twenty years only
Teach us the ways of a million-year mind
What a million-year heart could be hoping


And oh, if I'm wise I will strive and I'll pray
To turn that one tick in time into a day
And lead this poor picture-flash life in that way
Like a mountain
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