Lights from the Garbage Hill Lyrics

Winston Leaves

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Lyrics to Lights from the Garbage Hill
Lights from the Garbage Hill Video:
This city is dying and I can smell smoke
As the streets turn grey you don't ask me not to stay
I remember that you stood silent
'cause there was something you wanted to show me
and from this highest mountain it was easier to see

I asked you what are those lights in the horizon
and you said it's our city burning it's our past
turning in to ashes and disappearing in the wind
disappearing for good

There are words that you could say to make me
wish for rain
tough it wouldn't wash away the filth that used to drive me insane
but it wouldn't matter no it would be ok
if there would be words, if there would be words

I noticed how we never did anything to prevent this town
from burning even when we knew we didn't have the tools
with what we could build it again
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