Lyrics to Light Years
Light Years Video:
This is the day that I
Figure out the rest of my life
Who do I want to be?
Will I ever get to be somebody
Apart from you?
A part of you
Always gets carried around
So get all dressed down
And go and hit the town
Funny how it always works out
You're not the only
One who is lonely
Everyone knows
We're different speeds
With light years between
And yet it goes
On and on
So we joke around again
Could we ever really be friends?
I'll always say I want you and
Secretly mean it
We could talk about it
But I doubt it
Would make any difference now
It would take forever
For us to stay together
Funny how it never works out
So let me go
Don't let it go
On and on
It's hard to know if this is for the best
But I guess we'll find out in time
All you've ever wanted lies ahead
Songwriters: SMITH, DANNY
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, EMI Music Publishing
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