Light Years Ahead (Sky High) Lyrics

Schoolboy Q


Lyrics to Light Years Ahead (Sky High)
Light Years Ahead (Sky High) Video:
[feat. Kendrick Lamar]

[Verse 1: Schoolboy Q]
The ground rising, the sun falling
The day is cool?, the night's yawning
Ain't nothing else to do
But move at the speed of light AY, I'm takin' flight
NASA left behind, I'm so beyond somewhere with Megatron
I'm super gone, you can't relate to him and um
Let me free my mind, I see it all
The galaxy, she want my all
Feel like it's child's play, now through the Milky Way
Fulfill my destiny, as I cooperate my record plays
My record spins, make the world win
Yeah, I see it all, become a star
Trynna shine through the fall

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar]
See you in the morning, take off nigga I'm time zonin'
Tell em' I'm sky high, going going goin'
Up there nigga I'm time zonin'
Tell em' I'm sky high, I'm sky high
Nigga I'm sky high
See you in the mornin', going going goin'

[Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]
The ground rising, the moon falling
The night's cool, the day's yawning
Ain't nothin' else to do but, move at the speed of light
We travel like a comet, supersonic
Just watch out when I accelerate
Movin' at the speed of light ain't no thoughts of me using brakes
Inhalin' gravity excelling huble?
Check my levels, check my levels
Turn me up, turn me up
What the fuck, got your bitch she on my nuts, on my nuts
All because a nigga cool man I swear she act a fool
Man you know I keep it real, man for reals
Man you know I'm super ills, went to Pluto gave it chills
Man I swear they know the bills?, rising from my heels
With no ceilings or a ground, I'm probably never comin' down
Yeah, I see it all, become a star
Trynna shine through the fall


[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar]
My turbo boostin', my jetpack cruisin'
Get jet lag when I come back to these fuckin' humans
I could put planet Earth in a canister
Then continue my crater search, with Captain Kirk
Look at my verse, you seein' signs
You hearing signals deciphered from District 9
No fuckin' rapper cypher when metors flyin', the meters are flyin'
But I'm way faster, run away bet I catch up, fire like strikin' matches
I'm higher with martians laughin' in spaceships it's starships crashin'
Hover above the masses of massive of [?], mixin'
Kendrick Lamar with magic pull rabbits from hats
Niggas, wanna hop on tracks, bitches, wanna hop on dick
"DAMN, is that a fuckin' blimp! No omg that's him! "
A shootin' star hangin' over a newer clip hangin' over
A big dick, when my music flip nigga I'm sky high

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