Light On The Ground Lyrics

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Lyrics to Light On The Ground
Light on the city when I live with you
Moments in my life when I see things through
Well there was a time when I know what I knew
Drop in the glass, a minor truth

Visions of the world as it's made new
Remnants of a life I was born into
Well there was a love that I know that I knew
All things change, but nothing’s new

Weight on my mind, it starts with you
I'm gone two weeks and I lost my tune
Well there was a time when I saw things through
Moments pass, clouds roll through

Light on the ground, I'm in love with you
You still my mind, you hold on true
God is a name that I thought that I knew
Found in a place that I fell into

I’m there with you
I'm lost with you, I'm found with you
Be my light, be my view
Be my light, be my view
Holding on tight, going to see this through
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