Light Mana Freestyle Lyrics


Destroy All Monsters!

Lyrics to Light Mana Freestyle
Oh my God!
(We love bass, we love bass)
Have you seen bubbles? (giggles)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Mason Margiela mansion, diamons dancin'
Balenciaga baby bandit, they can’t stand it
Designer dripping, my bitch fancy (yeah, yeah, yeah), fancy fancy
Yeah, yeah bitch I'm fancy (yeah, yeah, yeah), Fendi fancy
Who's that drippin’ in the parkin' lot?
Let me retrieve my wrist, I think it's still in a pot (go get it)
It's that good white girl, yeah she not a thot
It ain't a cut on her, that's that straight drop
No Red Bull, I got wings, n***a Hermès
Pockets full, they on cluck n***a sherm-head
Bitch I flex like I work, like I workout
I fuck her good, but no I'm not her man (no no no)
Only work I get get get pushed out
It's all good over here, n***a no drought
You wanna make me happy baby, I need more mouth (I need more mouth)
Book me at the show, Imma bring the hoes out (Oh my God!)
Someone pour me up, I think I need more lean
Just took some LSD, yeah, yeah that’s more dreams (I’m dizzy)
Your bitch in love with me, she say you boring (ah, boring)
I don't listen to that shit bitch, I’m snoring
If if's that OG gas, then I'm scoring
Never fly Spirit, fly like I'm touring (ah, yeah, yeah)
And I’m motherfuckin' fly like a soarin' eagle
I'm a rockstar baby, I'm the new Beatles (oh my God!)
(Oh my fucking God!)

If I stack my money tall, it'd be a school bus (bus)
I think they love my bank account, no they don't love us. (Yow!)
I think both my wrists are shining like it's REDRUM (ooh!)
Brand new Balenciaga, got the last one (okay!)
They say, how much that boy got there?
I say don't worry 'bout it. (oh!)
I need that baby blue Tesla, that one with autopilot. (skrrt skrrt)
I just might buy the new Moncler, I don't e'en worry 'bout it (yeah!)
I might buy crystal chandelier, I don't e'en worry 'bout it. (hey)
They say they want the old me, but you don't know me
But I know you
You talk to the police
They say in the streets, but it's Sesame Street
They try all they want, but they cannot get like me