Lyrics to Light It Up
Light It Up Video:
I'm systematic, hydro-matic
I'm unorthodox like Lenny Kravitz
I don't play guitar and still on your radar
And you can help by screamin, "FUCK YOU HATERS! "
I'm so hungry I'll take what's on your plate
Look in your face like I'm a hit you with the milk crate
They say he one of the greatest, he's a animal
My appetite is enormous like that of a cannibal
I eat emcees up, you might wanna ease up
I squeeze the trigger like I squeeze on a C cup
The beat is like crack now, you might wanna re up
Pete Rock, hit us with the heat rock, ease up!
I'm on the block straight, smokin up a Ozone
You in my shit, steady beggin for my homegrown
The beat is on, the heat is on
If Sen Dog's Cheech, I must be Chong
Songwriters: Holland, Edward, Jr. James / Dozier, Lamont Herbert / Holland, Brian / Freeze, Louis M / Reyes, Senen / Phillips, Peter
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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