Lift The Lonely From My Heart Lyrics

Courtney Marie Andrews

May Your Kindness Remain

Lyrics to Lift The Lonely From My Heart
I am a lonely woman who loves you
Lonely, I have always been
Many things have found their way between us
But none more than my loneliness

Waxing, waning, always complaining
Always trying to fix what already works
Pining, mining for a feeling I'm not finding
Looking to you to tell me what I'm worth

When morning comes, whistling comes a bluebird
While I try to find a will to wake
My loneliness, it blurs the days together
My loneliness, it pushes you away

Working, pursing in circles, I am searching
Looking for a cure to lift me up
Trying, lying just to keep myself smiling
Believing that our love is strong enough

Can you still see the good inside me?
Or do you see a shell of who I was?
The loneliness has grown so much it shadows
You, the only one I truly love

Coping, hoping for a way of outgrowing
These thoughts that keep me in the dark
Minding, finding, always such bad timing
To learn that only I can ignite the spark
Only I can lift the lonely from my heart
Songwriters: Courtney Marie Andrews
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