Lyrics to Lifeline
Lifeline Video:
Close my eyes you make me wait
Hold my breath you choose my fate
Everytime I start to care, I open up my eyes
And you're not there....
Get me thinking there's a chance
Thoughts like these are dangerous
Been through this a thousand times
but here I am again and that's alright
I'll be fine
Just a little bit of your lifeline
I see your future, do you see mine
Am I a part of it, jus ta little bit, would be alright
Perfect in the strangest way, standing still in disarray
When I see that light within you
I want to step inside and feel it shine with you
I fell in, tomororw, you were there dancing all alone
If I'm dreaming just let me keep on sleeping
Wake me up when you decide
Will I see you when I open my eyes?
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