Lyrics to Life of Luxury
Life of Luxury Video:
I've stumbled upon a life of luxury
The more I resist the more I keep falling prey
The rewards are just too few and far between

I can no longer evade the guilt of gluttony
The knowledge stays with me every day
Expecting returns on an old ponzi scheme

I limp along among the last of a dying breed
Boiling over in the driest dry spell
Out of spite I refuse to give myself a release

I keep fighting the good fight
Waiting for the groundswell
Holding out for the light at the end of the tunnel
But they already know
They can already tell

One vain attempt after another
Like heat from frozen blood
Algae bloom from a bleeding ulcer
I'm the beast that feasts upon its young

I'm riding high atop a winning streak
I'll burst the bubble before someone else does
Place the blame on retrograde mercury

I've stumbled upon a life of luxury
With each vanishing grain
I'm slowly losing faith in an outdated dream

The most delicate hands wrapped around my throat
Unravel the cocoon only to realize they're my own

I'm going pro
I'm grasping at straws
I'm a slave to my ego
And its sharpened claws sink deeper into me
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