Lyrics to Life Of A Thug Nigga
Life Of A Thug Nigga Video:
(feat. Big Boom)

S.L.A.B., Slow Loud And Bangin'
Putting it down with Big Business
We gon thug it on this one Young Trae uh

[Hook x2]
This is the life of a thug nigga, to make a lil' change
This is the life of a thug nigga, to go and get it mayn
This is the life of a thug nigga, to go against the grain
This is the life of a thug nigga, that's raw and untamed

[Lil B]
This is the life of a thug, that shoots slugs mean mug
Beat the block and some scrubs, don't need no kisses or hugs
Done graduated from bleeding blocks, to moving bird flocks
And keeping my heat cocked, living life of a hard knock
Don't rest, the plex I gotta get off of my chest
Don't need these hating ass niggaz, keeping me stressed
I'm a thug nigga, I feel it all in my veins
Therefor I grind to get mine, and stack a lil' change
Cap peeler nigga, L-I-L-B behind the trigga
When you disrespect my family, or touch a nigga scrilla
Leave stains on niggaz brains, when thangs be looking strange
I'm thoed and insane, this the life of a thug mayn

[Big Boom]
And the game that I'm playing, making money is my main thang
Hanging on the corners with my partnas, where we slang caine
Born in the projects, and a nigga gang bang
Ran with the hustlers, so you know I learned to slang thangs
Got me a dope sack, that's where the money's at
Back then before I sold crack, I sold powder packs
Hundred dollas for a graham, load that up in your spoon
Shoot that up in your veins, and get you higher than the moon
And I assumed if I'm getting paid, fuck an education
Cause slanging that dope on the block, will be my occupation
Motherfuck school, I always did hate the shit
Recognized the lies, that's why I never graduated
Young nigga lost in the sauce, on them dark streets
Down to do the dirt, put in work in a heart beat
Menace to society, kicking it with them bigger G's
And listened to them lie to me, telling me that's how to be
Get it out your mind being a doctor, or a lawyer
Cause America's, not a equal opportunity employer
And if you want that wealth, you need to make it for yourself
And stop crying like a bitch, and play them cards you was dealt

[Hook x2]

Living block to block on them corners, strapped up we clicked up
You act up we clack up, and niggaz get clapped up
I'm a goner, lately I feel death hanging on my shoulder
Till it's over, I ain't fin to be stopped, I got to get out this corner
Living like I'm in a coma, the same thang everyday
All day it never change, stuck in the game going insane
Baking soda in the kitchen, I'm itching trying to fly my chickens
Full speed, and I know I don't wanna be lost in no prison system
Cause jail'll run me crazy, thinking about my gal and her baby
Knowin them niggaz I'm wit be shady, and deep down they prolly wanna spray me
But they better think again, trying to give a nigga like me the blues
Paying dues is what I do, from a thug nigga down to you

[Hook x2]
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