Lyrics to Life
Life Video:
Have you ever had a day when nothing goes your way.
All you do seems to be in vain and everything is just a waste of your time.
But have you ever had that moment in Life, when everything was cool, yeah.
Didn't have to worry about the time, it all went as it should, you were having the greatest moment in life yeah.

Don't you worry bout the past cause it's gonna be what it is. All that you can do is try to make your future beautiful, beautiful. Just let it be the greatest moment in life...
I remember almost every December when we were critters, and momma said that there was only one thing she could give us, well God must have been with us, cause it is heavenly joy, for you to wake up Christmas morning to every toy, then there's the birth of my boy, he'll take inherit that rhythym, and when I see it in him I'll ask myself what more can I give him, and I would love to, but I can't spend every moment with him, it's those big ol eyes that encourage me to keep on living.
Hey, ooh when I sing, I'm sharing, I'm rhyming I'm shining my light, and although love is blind, and I still end up finding my wife. And all I can do is reminence cause her there's no rewinding my life, but the future's so bright it's almost blind in my sight. Hey.
It's so cold, and sudden, Your life is so cool cause everything in it is working for you, your friends and your family are getting along, it feels like when you hear your favorite song, or when you, look at you, got money to spend, you never want that moment to end, no you never want that moment to end, no you never want that moment to end
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