Lyrics to Life
Life Video:
Two hands grabbing you, to pull you out.
Tears in all eyes, 'cause you cry out loud.
Sucking on some breasts, don't let your parents rest.
Taking your first steps, falling into gaps.

Telling your first lies, get your punishment.
Receiving some hard hits from a tyrant.
Closing friendships and making enemies.
A curious mind is filled with prejudice.

We're walking through the fire,
we're getting shaped like clay.

Hairs are growing and hormones spin around.
Revolution, your self will be found.
Love will torment you, love feels also true.
Your relationships are defining you.


Time to settle down and to find the one.
Mourning your parents when they are gone.
Kids give you happiness as much as worries.
Sometimes life feels like boring stories.

Mind and body are failing you.
Feeling dependent in your view.
You've walked all hills and valleys.
It's time to release at ease.

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