Lyrics to Life
Life Video:
People in power waste their time to young and creative, to lives of crime. Logic's a tool so rarely in use, yeah, we've all had enough of the critic abuse. It's time to change our nation's rules. Freedom's a right, ignored by fools. We choose ourselves between right and wrong. We've got to be free, we've got to be strong. [chorus] Life could be so beautiful if truth were known. And life should be so wonderful but it sears our soul. Life could be so beautiful. Make your life your own. They lived their life in a love-shy city. They got no cure, they got no pity. They got no taste, they got no vision and guilty by their own malicement. Trees chopped down for some fleet street clown for straight lies as they come down. All we need is a sense of truth so why lay the blame on this nation's youth? Make your life your own. Freedom's a right, not a privilege. Life never ending all transcending. Play the game by the rules of ending. Never surrender. Lecture be spender. 24 hour Haçienda.

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