Lyrics to Life Is Beautiful
Life Is Beautiful Video:
Ocean come and swallow me up
Drink me out to sea and spit me up
Make me realize I'm very small
Make me realize there's no problems at all

Life is beautiful
Every image is a miracle to me
Every star that I see in the sky
Oh pictures and symphonies
Every color in the masterpiece of life is beautiful

Starry night cascade into my sky
Darken the horizons in my mind
Make me realize I'm not alone
Make me realize that this earth is more than just my home

Life is beautiful
Every breathe I take's a miracle to me
Every rhythm and beat of my heart
Oh pictures and symphonies
Every accidental harmony in life is beautiful

Sunrise cast a sparkle in my eye
Illuminate the earth and make me cry
Make me realize that life is real
Realize I'm not the only one who feels alive

Life is beautiful
Every moment is a miracle to me
Every new memory in my brain it's insane all these things
Oh the pictures and the symphonies
Every beautiful catastrophe in life is beautiful
So beautiful
It's beautiful

(Thanks to Daniel Hayes for these lyrics)
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