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Lyrics to Life is a Problem
Life is a Problem Video:
I think there's a ghost
Standin' down by the waterfalls
Out where the pier lights
Hit the graffiti walls
Watchin' the trash roll around in the tide
The city looks easy from the otherside
But the waves in between us
Are Nothing like easy to cross

The artist will throw every shadow into the dark
Up from virginia on the sidewalks of old New York
Too proud to beg or slam it into reverse
When she got in trouble with the universe
It was straight to her momma's
Or under the wheels of a train
Sayin "Oh my Lord can I get on board again?"

So send me along out in front of the 5
A nightmare scoochin' down the river
Lost on the static asleep on the waves
Through these nitemare days
Life is a problem, we die on our way home
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