Lyrics to Life Goes On
Life Goes On Video:
V1:When i was a boy
My daddy said put away all your toys
All your toys
Your a man, your a man

V2:Like the dawn
A dark cloud risin from the sun
From the sun
Yes i can, yes i can

V3:Am i right
Am i right or am i wrong
Am i wrong
No i'm not, no i'm not

V4:Thats a lie
What he said i've never done
I've never done
Lie again, lie again

V5:Give me a sign
Show me the way to make you mine
Make you mine
Life goes on, life goes on

V6:Is it true
All the things you said to me
You said to me
I said to you, i said to you

V7:Alone at last
With nothin to stop me but my past
Just my past
Life goes on, life goes on
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