Lyrics to Life Goes On
Life Goes On Video:
(feat. Allure, AZ, Case, Common)

[Rich Nice: talking]
Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Rich Nice
And on behalf of Trackmasters Entertainment
I would like to welcome you to the Kid Capri
Soundtrack to the Streets album
We have so many entertainers
I would like to welcome to the stage right now
Allure, Case, Common Sense and The Firm's very own AZ

[Case background]
Come on, come on, come on, come on)

A nigga seen it, triple beam shit, brown and green mix
Fiend this, made for machines that kick
Blow ya speakers out, only the real I speak about
Made to freak you out, fuck with ya mom but teach you routes
Nigga spots rollin, shoot-out, gun shots blowin
Older niggas got shorties on the block holdin
Lost, my youngest cousin sittin up north
Takin a short from another nigga hittin 'em off
Two to four, guess it's no tellin what some'll do to score
Four pounds give off sounds through the door
We waited, but now it's time to designate it
You hate it, had the drop but hesitated

[Hook: Allure & Case]
Life goes on, life like two's and five
Who decides what's wrong or right
Just got paid feelin good tonight
Life goes on
In my world, life like two's and five
Who decides what's wrong or right
Just got paid feelin good tonight
Life goes on and on

Yo A-Zilla, you know I ain't the type to play killa
But this day still arrives in my mind like a light
A damn Thursday night, and plans to be out
'Til the night served daylight, but it ain't happen
Rappin to myself 'cause it wasn't no one to rap to
This villian came to me like 'somebody lookin at you'
'Cause I'm Common Sense and I rap consciousness
He was prompt to diss, mad 'cause my guy used to knock his bitch
I could sense he was tryna' bring it, but I wasn't ready to recieve it
Fact I make him leave it
Before he popped some shit I did the opposite and stole 'em
Back his lady tried to hold him, like Big Pun I scold 'em and told 'em
I ain't a shooter I just punch a lot
Between blows this big tried to up his glock
His brother watched swoop like big daddy on teenage love
He got ??? to my tape by C nigga Dub
Got his dome in a hug, muffed his broad back with one hand
Tried to pop, it must've been a ??? 'cause the gun jammed
Unplanned I disarmed this trick, nigga
Pistol-whipped his ass, his ladies, I was palmin it
Hollered '87 reign dominate'
Needed a fight that night, me and my woman had an argument

[Hook: Allure & Case]

People come and people go, there's one thing that you must know
Life goes on yeah
No matter what you're going through, I'm just trying to tell you
Life goes on and on
Everybody's got their own thing, some just don't know how to handle it
I need to tell ya, you need to know
'Cause I know, life goes on, life goes on

[Hook: Allure & Case]

Feelin good, feelin good
In my world, in my world
Feelin good
Where you gonna go
Feelin good
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