Lyrics to Lies
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Well.. poodle-fucker

This goes right, to you, and all of your measuring men..

They say things happen for a reason

They say that cocksuckers are bad

They say that God has a plan

Everybody's fucking lying to me..

They say the rhythm will get me

They say that salad ain't sucky

They say that ladies never doo-doo

Everybody's fucking lying to me..

They say a chicken's never wishin' to commit suicide

And that all the bigfoots and swampsquatches have died

No way.. (No way, No way, No way, No way)

They say, a pizza ain't a funnel

I say bullshit to that

And I don't believe that lobsters are O.K. with their baths

And that secret thing you're doing each and every fuckin' night

Will make your hands get super hairy and you'll lose your fuckin' sight

No way, No way, No No No way..

When I was a baby

Daddy told me somethin' crazy

He said 'Son your momma left me and she went and joined the Navy'

I said 'Dad, you fuckin' kiddin', he said 'No No pass the gravy'

And the gravy I pass..

You.. know how people say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Well I've seen men nearly killed and that just couldn't be more wronger

And the women are supposed to only like the giant donger

So the gravy.. I pass, to them..

Creme de la creme

la la la la

De la creme

Creme la creme

la la la la

De la creme

That is me

The creme of de de la creme

la la la la Creme Creme la la la
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