Lyrics to Lied To Me
Lied To Me Video:
Ma ma ma money, money money money
Sex drugs money let's live a little honey
Had a dick for a mother and a bitch for a dad
Little brother lost his mind
His grades were too bad
Didn't understand couldn't really see
I could feel it I could feel
Growing like a weed in the sick sense of me
I could feel it I could see
Some dumb stupid bitch in a white fuckin Benz
Got shit-faced fucked burned all her friends
Needle in her arm and her little car alarm
I can hear her saying Oh God Why'd they

Lie to me
Oh man they lied to me I'm sad
Lied to me
They never quit

Tell you what I want
I ask you what I need
Might as well be deaf and dumb
And not read
Never really mattered if you didn't understand
They don't speak those words in fucking Iran
Go the hell back
Take your ugly hat
I don't need ya I don't need
Slimy little fucker with a knife behind your back
I don't need ya I don't need
Little sinless men saying
Give me what you got
I'll take my fat ass on home and buy myself a yacht
I don't really mean to be crying so much
I'm just pissed off 'cause the world's so fucked


The world seems to be spinning faster and faster
I think it might stop
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