Liberal Backslider Lyrics

Martyn Joseph

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Lyrics to Liberal Backslider
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I'm a liberal backslider I've been sliding 'bout ten years

People ask me how I'm doin' and I confirm all their fears

I'm swearing like a trooper, and I'm drinking like a bum

I'm a liberal backslider and it sure is a lot of fun.

Been Following these footsteps now for many a year gone by

But you always upset someone there no matter how you try

Well the good things they're forgotten if a bad thing comes around

Now all these stones are flyin' they're gonna knock me to the


I'm a liberal backslider....

I take a stand on justice, I take a stand on race

Gonna take me a TV evangelist and punch him in the face

I sing about the hope that's in me and ask why the poor aren't fed

But if I don't tow the party line, it's be better if I were dead

I'm a liberal backslider....

So I'll be asking for forgiveness then until the day I die

Though I can't be sure of what I've done I think I'd better try

Thank God you're not the jury, thank God I'm not the judge

Here's to a bigger picture, here's to the bigger love!

I'm a liberal backslider...
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