Lyrics to Levi Blues
Levi Blues Video:
I was doing my laundry baby I thought I'd do my new jeans too Yeah, I was doing my laundry I threw my new blue jeans in too And when the spin and rinse was over Every single thing in there was blue Well blue on my bedsheets To wraparound like doom Blue on my sweatshirt Blue fruit of the loom I went to the laundry I did what you're never supposed to do I washed a brand-new pair of Levi's Every single thing in there was blue I had the blues You see, turned my reds to purple Yellows gone to green Even all the browns and greys Got blue that can't be see Yeah the blues got me surrounded No matter which outfit I choose Because I just went to the laundry Got the brand new pair of levi blues

Songwriters: DAVID WILCOX
Publisher: Lyrics © SOROKA MUSIC LTD.
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