Lyrics to Level Down
Level Down Video:
There's a huge plot
International ploy
Stealing our remaining bribes
Of self-esteem and self-respect.
It took the best place
In the centre of the house
To always be in sight of all
And share the joys of family life.

There's a crook by the fireside,
A cathode ray tube
That stole our endless winter nights,
Even our quarrels and our lulls,
Replaced my patience games
By mercantile shows
And stole the pastimes never had
By lack of chance to be revealed.

There's a leech in each home,
A sucking square eye
That drains our poor exhausted brain
Of its last germs of liveliness.
And when our head is empty,
Then the ground is ready
The brain-washing may begin
For it's now useless to resist.

What's up tonight
On the twaddle-box ?
Level down...
Why don't we kick the peeper out ?
What's the use ?

It puts thoughts in my head
And makes me wonder who I am,
It muddles up my life
With what it thinks my life should be,
It stands now as a link
Between the common herd
And feed our vacant stares
With daily lots of silliness.

There's a liar that steals
Our moments of silence,
The ticking of the passing time
The mesmerising crackling flames.
And we, the moron crowd
Are wasting, day by day,
The greatest blessing of our lives,
The chance we have to feel the time.

There's a spy in my house,
There is a neon-peeper
That keeps my attention
And keeps me from thinking.
There is a moraliser
That speaks to me with simple words
And knows exactly what to do
To keep me watching silently.
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