Lyrics to Level Best
Call me collect, call me anytime you need to
I'll be waiting there
If you've got a girlfriend
Or a boyfriend
I'll be on the line doing level best

Call me an asshole, call me what you want to
I will love you still
Call me complaining, I will entertain you
And tell it like it is
If you start a band, well, you can use my van
I'll be in the crowd doing my level best
I'll scream with all my might cuz it's my level best

Call me divided, call me at your lowest
I will belong to you
Call me at midnight, I could talk for hours
Discussing male privilege
If you are in trouble, something illegal
I'll be at your side doing my level best
If it breaks me up inside it's my level best

Call me with bad news, tell me that you loved her
I will listen to you
I will catch the next flight from any country
I would risk it all to do my level best
I'd fly the plane myself and do my level best

If you need a million dollars by tomorrow
I would rob a bank and do my level best
I'd smuggle in drugs, it's my level best
I would kill the queen, it's my level best
A thousand bad ideas, they're my level best
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