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Lyrics to Lettin' Go
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(1) I'm lettin' go now
Don 't think I can last
I'm lettin' ' go now
I've been living too fast

I'm not up in the morning
And beat the clock at night
It's got so damn predictable
Feel I'm doing time

(2) Oh no I can't stand another day
I see those closing
Caught in the ricochet
Oh no my life's in miniature
I'll be here forever
How much more can a poor boy take
When all he needs is an even break

I'm lettin' go now
Work is driving me crazy
Lettin' go now
Take a lot save me

Started when I was sixteen
It's been just like a drug
I'm working every day
You'd think I was in love

(Repeat (2))
(Repeat (1))
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