Lyrics to Letter
Letter Video:
Would you have paced up and down the hall
Waiting for my mom to call?
And what would my sisters have said?
Would it still echo in your head?
Unable to let it go
And what would have been inside your thoughts
As you put my clothes in a box?
Never to be worn, never worn again
Collecting dust in the closet
If it was you now, living without me
If you were singing a song about me
Would things be different?
Would you be better?
Better than I seem, in this letter
In this letter
And how would it feel to let the music play?
Would it bring you hope, or would it bring you pain?
And how would you know what to do next,
When I wasn't there to talk about it with?
Awake int he morning, asleep in the nighttime
Not gonna get over this in my lifetime
I can't believe it, you gone forever
When we should be playing this song together
Instead it is me, and you that is gone
Now I may be moving but not moving on
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