Letter From New Omaha Lyrics

Deek Hoi

The Golden Country

Lyrics to Letter From New Omaha
Letter From New Omaha Video:
Off I go God knows what will happen to me
Feels like a dream that I dreamt long ago
And while we play out such surreal scenarios
Just pray that we will come out alive
So off I go God knows what will happen to me
Off like a light, where we stop, who can tell?
Seems so strange to be pulled from this catalog
And if the card's eternity I only wish you well
And when you ride upon the South-bound blast gonna take it out on you
It's just like me to want something more to do
And to build love from anything
I hope they bless and keep you safe til light
And to pull hope from everything
To keep you warm and read you books on tape

(Thanks to daniel for these lyrics)
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