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My beloved daughter
Innocent have I come into prison
Innocent have I been tortured
Innocent must I die

They said: "You are a witch! Will you confess it voluntarily?
If not, we will bring in witnesses and executioner for you!"
You are a witch
You are a witch
You are a witch...

The executioner put the thumb-screws on me,
Both hands bound together, so the blood ran out at the nails
And everywhere, so that for 4 weeks I could not use my hands,
As you can see from the writing.
Thereafter they stripped me, shaved me all over,
Bound my hands behind me and drew me up in the torture.

Then one said: "Invent something,
For you cannot endure the torture you will be put to.
One torture will follow another until you say you are a witch.
Not before that will they stop."

Am I a witch? Yes, I am a wicked woman turned aside to Satan, seduced by demons.
I pass over great spaces of the earth during the nights,
Obeying commands of my mistress Diana.

My beloved daughter, goodnight, for your mother will never see you more.

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