Lyrics to Let's Start Again
Let's Start Again Video:
when we wake up in the morning light
if we even wake at all
do you think we could forget last night
if it happened at all

i'm sorry
you give me my heartbeat
you give me the stars
you give me an answer everywhere you are
dark clounds fall over me
and i think of losing you is enough to set my tears welling in the sea

a dismal ghost been taken over me
i've been so so far from well
i made naughts and crosses with the things i love
killed your magic for some old spell

i'm sorry
listen to a heartbeat
listen to the stars
?the same kind of music and everything we are

god knows whats got to me
and the thought of losing you is enough to send me sinking deep into the sea

can we start again

i sorry
a life without you by me is one i cant believe
your standing in every picture that i see

lets start again
we can paint away those scratches on the rainbow over you and me

if we start again
if we start again
lets start again
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