Let's Stand Together Lyrics

Jessica Reedy


Lyrics to Let's Stand Together
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The way the sky is blue and the water pure
The way the house comes together when the bricks lay side by
That's what we were,
We were strong, working together to make things better
Hand in Hand, heart to heart but i've been feeling weaker,
since we been growing apart.
Our deferences send us further further furhter from
Our disagreements see they are causing a war.

But oh I, I blame myself for not loving you like i should
But oh I blame myself for not forgeting you when i could

Oh, lets stand together (lets stand together)
You and me (you and me)
Because we're better (better), so much better together.
I dont want to fight you no more (lets stand together)
Please take my Hand, take my Hand and let us stand cause
we're stronger, so much stronger (Together)

thats my heartbeat, if you dont help me, there will be no
more heartbeat,
whats ist going to take for you to see, that I'm better with
you and you're better with me?
So we should just all get along, well.
I'm not perfect, you're not perfect but we can work towards
To Show you i love you, it makes it worth it, but i hope the
damage I caused, hasn't pushed you too far away?


Jesus is the only way for us to stand, together again.
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